Monday, September 9, 2013

Can You Get Wine Out of Carpet?

Can You Get Wine Out of Carpet?

Have you ever had a fancy dinner party at your house? If you have like I do sometimes, then you must know that red wine can badly stain your carpet. But you don't need to worry, because with a little know-how you can get that wine out and have wonderful looking carpet once again.

There are some tips that you may have seen that just do not work. Tips like pouring soda water on wine will not help one bit. It may actually make matters worse, so don't waste your time doing this because it may ruin your carpet.

The best way to properly get that wine stain out of your carpet is to clean it up really fast. The second you notice that there is a wine stain, you need to attack it with fresh, clean towels and cold water.

You want to use the clean towels to blot up the stain. This will serve to get rid of a good portion of it, but will not clean it up completely. In order to get it perfectly clean you will need to make a solution of peroxide or oxi-clean if you have any.

Applying the solution in a blotting pattern will get out the rest of the wine, and leave your carpet looking great once again.

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